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Tinkerbell Fairy Charm Catchers

It’s that time again for a review of our charming charm catchers! This one is for all the Peter Pan fans out there. Charm Catchers is excited and proud to present our Tinkerbell Fairy products available for purchase.

Available Tinkerbell Fairy Charm Catchers

We currently have seven beautiful Tinkerbell Fairy charm catchers for you to enjoy in your own homes. Whether it is in the yard or inside the house, there is always room for a little more charm!

  • Tinkerbell with Bunny and Butterflies: This lovely charm catcher features a Pewter Tinkerbell Fairy on top of a pink Friendship Ball. Under the Tinkerbell Fairy, there is a cute bunny charm and on the string holding the Tinkerbell Fairy, there are blue crystal beads with purple butterflies.
  • Tinkerbell / Fairy Guardian Bell: This charm catcher is a new design, featuring a Guardian Bell instead of a Friendship Ball. The Pewter Guardian Bell has a beautiful sculpt of the Tinkerbell Fairy. This charm catcher contains eight multi-colored crystal beads in assorted sizes.
  • tinkerbell fairy charm catcherTinkerbell & Butterflies: This particular charm catcher is our most colorful catcher! It consists of a Pewter Tinkerbell Fairy topping a multi-colored Friendship Ball containing bits of red, yellow, blue, pink, and purple arrangements. The string holding the charm catcher is crowded with crystal butterfly beads all in different colors: red, yellow, blue, pink, and purple.
  • Tinkerbell II: This cute charm catcher features a Pewter Tinkerbell Fairy holding a gold and silver Friendship Ball. Beneath Tinkerbell is a charm that has a lovely inscription of the word Laugh. Above Tinkerbell are interchanging crystal beads of gold and silver.
  • Tinkerbell: This nice charm catcher consists of a Pewter Tinkerbell Fairy on top of a pink Friendship Ball. Topping the Friendship Ball is a charm saying Joy in a lovely script font. The Swarovski Crystal beads are lined in shades of purple/pink and clear.
  • Breathe: This charm is truly beautiful, lined with gorgeous gold beads and stones. Under the beads contains a good sized charm, which says BREATHE in a cute, contemporary font. This charm features a Pewter Tinkerbell Fairy and underneath is a gold and silver swirled Friendship Ball.
  • Sunshine: This charm catcher contains a beautifully swirled Friendship Ball consisting of mainly yellow with a plethora of bright colors to accent. Above the ball is a nice Pewter Tinkerbell Fairy. Above the Tinkerbell Fairy is a lovely line of yellow butterflies and clear crystal round beads.

Order your Tinkerbell Fairy charm catcher today and add some beauty to your life!