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Purple Witch Balls


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The Witch Ball is used for protection against evil spells, witches, negativity, sickness, and ill fortune.  Traditionally, Witch Balls are hung in an east window. However, any area around your home, whether in a window, porch, on a desk, or even outside in a garden, is a perfect spot to place a Witch Ball to ward off negative energy.

          Witch Ball Magnetism

The magic behind the Witch Ball’s function varies a little. Most legends agree, however, that it is the beautiful colors and fascinating dimensions of the balls that attract the negative energy surrounding it.

~One legend of the mystical Witch Ball is that the beauty of the balls attracts negative spirits thought to be threatening a home’s tranquility.  The swirling colors and uniqueness of the orb mesmerizes the evil.  After the spirit is drawn to the ball and touches it, the Witch Ball absorbs and traps the spirit’s energy within the webbed strands of glass inside the orb, preventing the spirit from affecting its surroundings.

~Another legend states that witches are curious creatures and are allured to the Witch Balls by the attractive colors, glistening bubbles, and sparkling strands of colored glass. The difference of this legend, though, is that the witches enter the glass ball on their own accord to investigate the miraculous sphere! Once inside they are trapped for eternity, unable to harm anyone any longer.

~Yet another legend suggests the Witch’s Ball acts like a magnet. The positive element of the Witch Ball attracts the negative energy in the air just like positive and negative poles of a magnet are drawn together.  This legend suggests one display the ball in an area such as the bedroom to help rid the home of evil spirits.  When one is ill or feeling depressed, the person should stay near the Witch Ball so the evil that is causing the ailment is attracted to and pulled in by the witchball.  The negative energy, illness, and spirits trapped in the ball may then be exorcised by wiping the dust from the orb and hanging in the sun.