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purple haze friendship ball kugel

Purple Haze Charm Catcher #77


This gorgeous Charm Catcher features a Purple Friendship Ball which originated over 200 years ago in Europe and when hung in the home brings Good Luck, Wealth and Good Health. Features 12-8mm Swarovski bicones, 3-4mm swarovski crystal bicones, 8-14mm Octagon shaped Swarovski crystals, and 1-14mm round Swarovski crystal. 1 Swarovski 8mm crystal Butterfly is at the top. Joy Charm is attached. Approximately 7-8″
Simply stunning

Meaning of Purple inFeng Shui Color Psychology;
The meaning of purple most often refers to nobility, abundance, and dignity. Purple is also very soothing and calming and is related to intuition and spirituality. Some common properties of the color purple include:
Calming / Soothing / Tranquil
Exclusive / Expensive / Nobility
Intuition / Mystical / Spiritual