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Garden Art For The Holidays

‘Tis the season of decorating! How do you usually decorate your space? Are you an indoor decorator or more of an outdoor decorator? There are many different types of decorations that offer a sense of holiday cheer. For example, garden art comes in all shapes and colors, displaying beautiful statues, decorative balls, pots, and charm catchers. And now, for this exclusive time of the year, new garden art is being released to suite your holiday needs.

The Art of Gardening

Ornamental gardening has been a luxurious and glamorous art for centuries. Creating a work of art through shaping plants and placing garden ornaments is a wide known hobby among different people and cultures.

Human beings are intuitively drawn to the beauty and serenity of nature. And art is a way of expressing emotion and ideas. Artists, as they create a piece, put their best effort into the making of their work. For these artists, their hope is that people will be drawn to their work and be inspired by it. What better work of art than one out of the very thing that already inspires? These nice ornaments also make great gifts for friends and family to enjoy in their own yards.

garden artHistoric Garden Art

Skilled gardeners were hired to cultivate large areas of land surrounding temples or the property of wealthy citizens. This prestigious career and form or art has since extended to the common population. Anyone can be a garden artist, exhibiting their talents and philosophies within their own little part of nature.

Garden art can be a way for the common people to express their taste and emotions for their neighbors and friends to see. A garden space can tell a lot about a person: their interests, their style, their culture.

Begin Your Masterpiece

Charm Catchers, by River’s Edge Studio, focuses on distributing inspiring garden art to incorporate into your personal garden. These works of art consist of dazzling colored glass and uniquely crafted characters. Lavished in beautiful beads and charming crystals, this garden décor is bound to give your gardens a nice, homey touch. And this is the time to indulge! The holiday season is a time to accentuate beauty and uniqueness. So, be sure to get your lovely art into your gardens this year. Share this art with your loved ones. Add a little more charm to your life and make for a scenic season!

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